Our Programs


ABC stands for Art, Bible and Communication (reading assistance). The children enjoy expressing themselves through art, building their self-esteem through Bible stories and improving their reading skills in our safe fun space. A healthy self-esteem goes a long way in preventing sexual exploitation as they grow.


Due to extreme poverty, many girls will engage in “sex for money” to buy basic needs like sanitary towels. Since May 2012, we have provided the girls at the school with a pack of sanitary towels every month to curb this exploitation. We also invite guests to speak encouragement and hope into their lives.


Through the ABC and Freedom 40 programs, we are able to identify girls who are most vulnerable or already being exploited and enroll them in our 29:11 Scholarship Program for an opportunity to attend boarding schools – safe places where they can receive a good education, a most effective way to break out of poverty and prostitution.


HEART = Healing and Restoration Therapy. This is a safe haven for the girls to heal from trauma and receive restorative care where they can be loved, cherished and free to be kids again. Activities include art, dance and movement therapy, counseling, talks from survivors, crafts, life skills, drama, Bible lessons, games and outings.