One Lamb got started as a result of the impact from watching a CNN Freedom Project documentary in 2011 that highlighted human trafficking and prostitution of children in India and Nepal. Further research revealed that in Kenya, girls as young as 12 at the coast and as young as 8 in the slums are commercially sexually exploited, many times under the coercion of a parent or caregiver. In response to this, One Lamb was formed to help these girls.

Since prostitution of children is a community issue with so many layers to address (a root problem being extreme poverty) One Lamb is working alongside communities, starting with Majengo slums in Nairobi.  A step by step process:

  • Build relationships within the community through schools, churches, residents, and government bodies
  • Work with the community to come up with community led initiatives to address and combat prostitution of children
  • Set up Care Centers where victims of child sexual exploitation can find healing – physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and socially

“One Lamb” gets its name from the parable of the shepherd in Matthew 18 who left the 99 sheep that were safe and went out to rescue the one that was lost.